State of the art anaesthetic monitor


Our multiparameter monitor is a medical device that we use for monitoring a patient’s vital signs, mainly whilst our patients are sedated or anesthetised for surgery, x-rays, dental procedures, etc…

It shows us their ECG, blood pressure, respiratory rate, how much oxygen is in their blood and their temperature.

The ECG trace can shows us the heart rate, whether your pet has an arrhythmia and what it is, as well as whether their breathing tube has been correctly placed.

The capnograph trace shows the number of breaths the patient takes, the quality of those breaths and the carbon dioxide levels in the air the patients exhales.  This allows the nurse and vet to assess how deeply sedated/anaesthetised the patient is.

BLOOD PRESSURE is very important during anaesthesia as it needs to be kept at a certain level to feed the important organs in the body (kidneys, brain and heart). If it becomes low a patient can take a prolonged period of time to recover from their anaesthetic and experience other complications including kidney failure and blindness.

BODY TEMPERATURE must be monitored and maintained before, during and after an anaesthetic/operation. Hypothermia may result in inability to process anaesthetic drugs, prolonged recovery, and impairment of wound healing.